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While the most popular style of home cooling system for residential houses is the window air conditioner, making the investment and installing a ductless mini-split cooling system in your home could save you money and cooling costs over time. Additionally, the ductless mini-split system can also be used to heat the home when winter comes, which gives it a marked advantage over window air conditioners that can only be used to cool a room.

Window Air Conditioners

Windows Units In Jacksonville, FL

The major downside to window air conditioner is that they must be positioned in a window and that means less light and view to the outdoors during the summer months. The air conditioner must be rightly sized to the window opening and you have to give some consideration to how the remaining (open) gap around the air conditioner will be filled.

Some use wood to fill in space, but this reduces visibility even more; others use a form of transparent polycarbonate glass. Keep in mind that there is a security risk with a window air conditioner. There isn’t much holding it in there and removal from the outside (depending on where it is located) could provide an easy unwanted entry into the home.

Mini-Split System

While a ductless mini-split system is cheaper and easier to install than whole-home central air, it still requires a qualified technician like AAA A/C to both do the professional installation as well as guide you into deciding which is the best system for your home and budget. Home-owners will find a mini-split worthy of the investment since it requires no ductwork, is typically more efficient at cooling, operates quieter, is more energy-efficient, and is easy to use. Placement of the cooling zones can be on an interior or exterior wall, with no window required, systems can network multiple units throughout the home, and some of these systems include heating as well as cooling making them far more versatile than a window air conditioner.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning Service

Ductless mini-split AC units may be ideal for homes that cannot accommodate a central AC system or if you have an affordability issue. In these cases, a ductless cooling system may be the best option for you. For example, homes without full basements (only crawl space) or built on concrete slab foundations may not accommodate the ductwork necessary for central AC installation. Or, if you have an older central AC system, it could be energy-inefficient, costing you hundreds of dollars more annually than eco-friendly ductless mini-split AC systems.

Although the initial price for a ductless AC unit is a bit more than that of a window AC unit, the eventual utility bills and longevity of ductless mini split units makes their long term operation far less costly. Consider the long-term goals of your purchase and the intended time of use for your air conditioner units and you will probably find that a mini-split, installed and recommended by AAA A/C is the best investment in both your financial future and the comfort of your home.

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